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What can we expect from digitalization? What kind of digital solutions are in store for the mobility, energy, and health sectors?
Our blog deals with such topics in the field of digitalization and digital transformation. 
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How cities can become smart

A smart city needs to be more than a utopian vision. It needs to be a decision framework, applicable for every city to solve its individual problems. This requires an administration that can flexibly and quickly adjust processes and make decisions. Why today’s cities can’t act smart (yet) City administration is historically seen as the...
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The smart city isn’t a global solution

A smart city isn’t and can’t be a global answer to urban problems due to the variety of challenges. But a smart city can change and accelerate the way of finding the right solution to a problem. This is by changing (also digitalizing) the decision-making – i.e. the administration’s – structures and processes. Cities’ problems...
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How metropolitan cities react to the challenges of the future

Global trends force cities to handle their challenges with individual strategies and solutions.  In one city, these solutions come in the form of robots, others still struggle with functioning sanitary facilities. Instead of focusing exclusively on “smart cities”, we will examine the actual measures cities take to get fit for the future. One trend affects...
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The digitally transformed city

Today, maybe more than ever, digitalization plays a crucial role in our everyday life. It affects us on both a small scale e.g. for our mobile internet connection, and on a larger scale e.g. cities and their future development. There are different approaches to dealing with the role of digitalization in cities. One famous approach,...
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How APST digitalizes healthcare

The company “APST” (Ambulanzpartner Soziotechnologie) faces one of the central challenges of digitalization. Their mix of social and digital services solves a common conflict and raises the quality of care for the individual patient while avoiding to raise costs for the patients or the healthcare system. What does APST do exactly? Patients who go to...
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Three stages of digitalization

The three stages of digitalization

Change forces businesses into action. Similar to the industrial revolution, the digital era required evolution. Some companies missed their opportunity and left chances to the braver ones. These pioneers disrupted their own business as well as their entire industry by actively making risky decisions to take the next step. One of the best examples is...
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Turn digital communication into a real competitive advantage

In digital business, the role of digital communication within marketing activities changes fundamentally. Digital communication can be a game changer for product development and even for the entire organization.
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Do Uber bikes make Berlin a smart city?

That is actually quite easy to answer: No, they do not make Berlin a smart city. And why is that? The aim of this blog article is to explain briefly our perspective on the smart city and thus to explore how Uber’s Jump bikes fit into this concept.
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AI in digital healthcare doesn’t lead to robodocs

Robots won’t replace doctors, but they should assist them. Especially in healthcare, we still want contact with actual humans. These doctors and nurses are collecting massive amounts of data that lay unused in hospital files. Machine learning technologies are currently disrupting the market and are creating opportunities through interlinking of data, recognizing patterns and analyzing...
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Test your digital campaigns with future facing data

In our blog article about A/B testing we dealt with experimentation in digital campaigns. In this article we will focus on the testing setup. A/B testing is a powerful tool, but it’s only effective if we ask the right questions. So let’s dig deeper into how to build ideal hypotheses in order to structure A/B...
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