Tigerbytes GmbH
Agency for digital solutions

Friedrichstr. 171
10117 Berlin

T +49 30 530 1163 – 0
F +49 30 530 1163 – 29

Authorized representing managing directors:
Tom Kramer, Gunnar Erichson, Michael Naumburger

VAT number: DE264266859
Local court: Charlottenburg
Commercial register: HRB 119143 B


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Digitales Marketing: 5 Antworten, warum es auch für den Mittelstand keine Ausreden mehr gibt

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The smart city isn’t a global solution
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How cities can become smart
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How metropolitan cities react to the challenges of the future
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The digitally transformed city
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How APST digitalizes healthcare
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Four stages to a completely customer centric company
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AI in healthcare doesn’t lead to robodocs
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The three stages of digitalization
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Turn digital communication into a real competitive advantage
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Test your digital campaigns with future facing data
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Invest only in what makes your business successful
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Only by listening can you get heard
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Your message brought safely ashore
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Business Model Workshop
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash
Photo by Kvalifik on Unsplash


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