Digital marketing workshop

Co-creating your communication and marketing plan.
Within two days.

Finding it hard to sync your communication planning with everyone involved and within a realistic timeframe? Join our workshop to successfully co-create your annual planning with little expense and even less effort.

Four steps to success


Lost in working alone? Enjoy our relaxed collaboration and benefit from different viewpoints.


Endless discussions about elaborate concepts? Get everyone on board and committed as one.


Do you really know what you want? Pinpoint a manageable way to implement your communication.


Spending too much time on detailed planning? Get external guidance to focus on the big picture.

Solid foundations on three pillars

Understand your current situation from different perspectives, outline the relevant communication assets, formats, and channels, and then discover a practicable way of achieving your objectives.


Starting point

Together we analyze your topic, the pains, pros, and cons and your objectives. Additionally, we take a closer look at the competition and evaluate three key competitors from the communication perspective. Then we develop Personas and an Empathy Map to gain a better understanding of our joint target group.


Way to go

Together we draft the big picture from an outside-in perspective. We align your offering to customer needs and identify a promising sweet spot within the competitive landscape. We transform your positioning into a key message and consolidate a message framework with content building blocks based on benefits, facts, and proof points.


Track your progress

Together we structure the contents and select suitable touchpoints in a Customer Journey Map. We align your objectives with suitable metrics and provide insights into what is really necessary and possible to achieve your goals.

3, 2, 1…Go!

participants in each workshop
days in as many weeks
year‘s communication planning

Try before you buy

Want to try our approach on your own? Feel free to use our templates:

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Sounds interesting?

Let’s talk about your individual digital marketing workshop.

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