Online Care Platform

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Set-up of network platform and eletronic patient record, continuous optimizations and development of additional features

Online Care Platform

The Ambulanzpartner Soziotechnologie APST GmbH is an outpatient care coordination service for patients with severe neurological disorders that was founded at the Charité in Berlin.

The Task

Set up and implement an online platform for the care network that connects the different stakeholders and simplifies the healthcare processes for patient care.
The platform was developed in close collaboration with neurologists from Charité Berlin and other physicians, therapists, and scientists. It provides a coordinated supply of aids and medication, as well as therapeutic appliances.
It also serves as an “electronic patient record,” “management platform,” and “evaluation portal.” Patients, relatives, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, medical suppliers, and therapists are connected via and all care processes are made traceable.

Ambulanzpartner online care platform on mobile screen
Flexible architecture due to a

modular set-up

All stakeholders

connected on one platform

Full transparency through

process documentation

The Solution

Set up a reliable infrastructure to guarantee secure data processing

The connection of all stakeholders that are part of the outpatient healthcare requires an adequate data collection and data transfer.

Make the complex processes of healthcare valuable for all stakeholders

We found out what the users’ expectations and needs are by organizing user interviews and feedback sessions with stakeholders. To implement new solutions for the platform, we analyzed workflows and and optimized the user experience with research, ideation prototyping and user testing.

Continuous development through the creation and implementation of new features

New features were programmed as independent widgets. These new functionalities are state-of-the-art and the platform can be modularized gradually. This allows for more efficient and effective optimization of the individual features and successively replaces older technology.

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