Sonja Philipp
Customer centricity comes in many forms. Only the fourth stage allows for true innovation. Customer centricity has become a much-talked-about issue in today’s digital marketing, although it is one of the oldest principles in economic history. But what does it mean? Every company agrees to ‘put their customer first.’ But there seems to be a...
Customers aren’t vague shadows below the surface. Modern marketing techniques allow us to dive into their world, explore how they think and hear what they have to say. The key to meeting their needs is customer centricity. ‘Customer first’ seems to be a principle that every company claims for itself. But many organizations mistake customer...
In our blog article about messages in a bottle and how they resemble relevance in social media, we explained how social media platforms impact the visibility of your posts. In this blog article we want to help you stay visible and relevant to your customers by making sure that your bottle reaches its destination. By...


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